Fitness is more fun with friends. But more than having a great time, working out with friends will help you achieve your fitness goals quicker because it provides you with a strong support system that will motivate you to keep pushing even when you feel like you're on the verge of quitting.

Team SGS attends the 6am Primal Fit classes everyday and after almost 6 months of training, the team has improved a lot. “My team become tougher in the face of the stress and pressure of their work,” said Jose Decolongon, Operations Director of SGS Philippines.

One other equally important benefit of working out together is the improved camaraderie.
WODs helped Team SGS become closer, as observed by their boss. They communicate better and have become more helpful with each other. They all developed a more positive attitude towards work.  “I'm inspired by how they see themselves differently now - that they are stronger than they originally thought. Many of us look fitter and we smile when people ask why we're all losing weight”, Jose adds in.

It’s definitely important to be strong and fast but for Team SGS, what matters is showing up on training days. “You show up for the WOD, you stay true to your word to yourself, to your team mates.  You make time for the important things in your life”

Primal Ape CrossFit offers corporate rates starting at 5 enrollees.  Click here to book your complimentary Intro to CrossFit class for your work team today.

Words by: CJ Lampad