For Alan San Pedro, being a new dad is a huge game changer. It's incredibly challenging as he needs to adjust his sleeping habits as well as work out schedules to accommodate his fitness regimen in his new role.

“After joining different boxing gyms, I found this huge CrossFit box and decided to join the free trial. With my first kid on the way I wanted to do something that would give me the energy to keep up with him”  said Allan


Being a husband to Jhovie and new dad to Ethan Jacob,  Alan recognizes the importance of still keeping fit. He knows he should not sacrifice his health and fitness.


“CrossFit taught me that it is always good to step out of your comfort zone”, Allan said. Now, things have change since his first CrossFit trial. “It’s been getting very addictive. I’m getting better times. I’m lifting heavier. I’m learning new techniques.”, he added.

The truth is, the challenges you faced before beinga father are the same ones you'll face now, you'll just experience them in an entirely new way.

Below are some fitness tips that we think might help new fathers like Allan::

1. Go to bed early. Wake up early. (Plus accept the fact that you have going to have interrupted sleep)

2. Learn to cook healthy meals. Your wife will be extra busy with your new born so have to learn to take care of your own healthy meals.

3. Stay focus. Set schedules for your family and for your work out.

4. Get a coach or join a community or someone that will make you accountable with your workouts.

5. Make time for your work out and for your newborn. Remember to cherish every single moment with your newborn. These are moments you'll never get back.

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