Thou shall not skip breakfast, so we're told. We've always thought that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that we should NEVER miss it. However, a new study says otherwise. It claims that breakfast has nothing to do with weight loss and weigh gain, increase in metabolism and in prevention of heart diseases.

According to the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

·  Breakfast has either little or no effect on weight gain, or that people who eat breakfast end up consuming more daily calories than those who skip it.

· The overall type and amount of food and exercise plan are the most important factors in losing weight.

· Eating or not eating breakfast has a very little effect in our cardiovascular system.

·  Daily breakfast is linked to higher physical activity among adults with greater overall dietary energy intake but no change in resting metabolism.

The new findings may come as a shock to most people but regardless of what they say about breakfast, one thing's important: eat healthy. The study suggests that whether or not you skip breakfast,  just make sure you keep fueling your body with the right food it needs to complement your fitness.

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 Words by: CJ Lampad


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