With all the fad diets circulating all across the web, it can be difficult to determine which ones really work because a lot of them are plain marketing ploys. Now, a lot of CrossFitters are flocking to The Paleo Diet that gives a very simple task: to go back to basics.

Also known as the Caveman diet, this teaches us to eat the kind of foods our ancestors used to consume 10,000 years ago. This is a beneficial type of diet. According to @thepaleoguide, it helps improve health by consuming only 'real' foods like vegetables, meats, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Thinking of switching to this basic diet? Consider these: 

1. If it's something that isn't hunted or gathered back in the early days, then you shouldn't eat it. It means staying away from dairy products and anything that comes in a box.

2. It's not the same for everybody. You have to take the basics and pick the right food choices. Build on these to suit your specific needs. Know what's right for you. 

3. There's no specific Paleo diet. Some may stick with pre-agricultural food whileothers can choose to include  modern foods like raw milk and butter.

4.  There's both a right and wrong way to go about this. Eating real foods (not processed) is the right way. It will give your body protein, healthy fats, and fiber from vegetables. The wrong way involves Paleo replacement for your favoriteunhealthy foods.

5. One of the many benefits of Paleo is the reduction of inflammation in the body. Through proper dietary choices, you'll be able to get more sleep and reduce stress.

The Paleo Diet gives us a very simple task: go back to basics.

Getting healthy shouldn't have to be complicated. It's really basic, after all. Try Paleo and see the changes in your body.


Words by CJ Lampad
Sources: ultimatepaleoguide.com, inspyr.com, nerdfitness.com, active.com
Photo Credits: paleodiet.com