Lu Sim describes this year’s CrossFit open as “challenging” but in a fun way. This is Lu’s first attempt to join the Open and he successfully finished allthe 5 WODs. “When you do something as hard as the Open with a community that is with you every step of the way, you tend to see the whole experience as a fun kind of challenge” he said.


The 29-year-old freelance graphic artist from Manila started doing CrossFit in 2013, when he tried out in a local box with his girlfriend Eds. Prior to this Lu is just a regular gym guy and a Frisbee player. He joined Primal Ape CrossFit as soon as the box opened last March 2015.

“I had previously been in Coach Anton's classes and really liked his methodology and coaching. Having a much bigger training area was also a huge deciding factor why I shifted to Primal and I've been loving it ever since” shared Lu.

Five months prior to the CrossFit Open, Lu had been doing the Iron Mike's Barbell Club (IMBC) and had been doing a lot of open preparation workouts since December last year. He also attended the “Unbeatable” seminar by Mike Mogard last February for the mental part of the CrossFit Open preparation. 

”Finishing the 16.2 workout is still my fondest memory of the whole Open 2016. I knew it was a workout that I'd enjoy even if I was so scared of it. Getting cheered on by my girlfriend and telling me to stop resting while I sat around between the heavy cleans was a huge bonus”,  Lu recalled.

For Lu, CrossFit taught him that you could always become better if you made a decision to change. “There's always things you can improve on but you'd only be aware of them when you decide to challenge yourself. Never settle on the now and have a continuous drive to better yourself”

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