It was year 2013 when 27-year-old Eds Baltazar, decided to change old habits and embraced a new lifestyle. From being a workaholic and sickly due to stress, she doubleback and turned to be one of the strongest female athletes in the local CrossFit community.

“Prior to CrossFit, I work from 8-10 hours a day, stress eat with fast food and sugar in between, release stress by drinking and staying up late in bars, sleep at around 2 or 3AM for only a span of 5-6 hours", she said.


Just this March, Eds participated in the CrossFit Open. Eds has been joining this event since 2013 but this is her first time joining the RX division. I signed up this year to push myself further, test my training, and see what I need to improve on in order to get better results next year”, she said. 

Last year, Eds skipped 3 out of 5 WODs due to lack of training, but this year she was able to finish all 5. “I religiously followed the Iron Mike's Barbell Club program. Mike Mogard's programming was on point and helped a lot of athletes prepare for the WODs”, she said.

This year’s Open is the hardest but also the best in terms of personal results, it was worth it in the sense that I didn't quit even if the Open WODs are getting tougher each year”, Eds continued.

Eds is certain that she will be joining the Open again next year and she is encouraging everyone to also give it a try. “No matter at what level you are, participate in the Open. It's the best opportunity to discover more about yourself, and elevate your fitness journey”, she said.

For Eds, the best part of the Open is doing it with the rest of the Primal Ape athletes. “They're the best in motivating and at the same time competing with one another. The energy is just unbelievable everytime we do the Open workouts”

Beat old habits and begin the CrosssFit lifestyle with Primal Ape. Train with Eds by signing up for a Complimentary Intro to Bootcamp and CrossFit Class.