Being a hands on mom, Maya de Guzman wanted to build her endurance and keep up with her 2-year-old daughter, who is into gymnastics. Maya used to do Pilates and running but after giving birth 3 years ago, she somehow stopped exercising.

Maya: a Mom, business partner, and a CrossFitter

Maya: a Mom, business partner, and a CrossFitter

 “I found myself asking, "Can I keep up with her?" I have to keep up with her! That's why I looked for something more intense”, she said.

 She joined Primal Ape CrossFit October last year and since then, she saw herself became stronger week after week.Before, I could only do few reps. Now, I could do so much more, and I know, eventually, I'll do even more!”, Maya exclaimed.

For Maya, working out should be non-negotiable for women, especially for moms. “As mothers, we juggle a lot of things: wife duties, motherhood, work and social life but we have to consider our personal health and fitness too”

 Maya believes that CrossFit is for anyone who has the right attitude and passionate mindset about becoming a fitter, healthier, and stronger version of herself or himself. CrossFit can help you, no matter what your gender is, set your own personal bar and the improvements you make each week will help you attain your personal fitness goals”, she concluded.