College sweethearts, Jerome Bautista & Mae Lagda tied the knot last July 2015. Both architects, they understand that relationships, just like any buildings, must be designed with a good foundation. Quoting Jim Rohn, “Whatever good things we build, end up building us”

A few months back when Jerome found out about Primal Ape, he invited Mae to join him as their couples activity.


 “I was so pressured in our first workout.  Jerome has always been strong and very much into CrossFit even before. Dedicated and competitive; he can be counted on to always give his best” shares Mae.  

It only took a couple of sessions to get Mae hooked. Since then, CrossFit has been the favorite couple activity of the newlyweds.

“It was great seeing her enjoy CrossFit and everything it stands for” says Jerome. “Mae is a fast learner, focused and determined to be fitter”


Both found new roles for each other aside from being husband and wife. Mae discovered  a personal coach in Jerome, while Mae became Jerome’s biggest cheerleader. 

“He teaches me the correct form and constantly  pushes me to the limit” says Mae of Jerome.

“She’s always there to cheer for me” says Jerome of Mae. “Her presence alone is my biggest motivation.”

For Jerome and Mae, the best things about working out together are sharing new experiences, celebating PR’s, and of course spending more time together. “We watch CrossFit videos together, we shop apparels and gears together, CrossFit brought us closer to each other.”

Words and photos by CJ Lampad

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