'You have to work for it.' Mae Vinas believes that the great things in life never comes easy.

An avid CrossFitter since 2014, Mae has been a staple image at Primal Ape, grinding almost on a daily basis, and had always been seen as the athlete that always pushes the game further in her extra works. No wonder that she was picked by Primal Ape headcoach Trever Love to be the Athlete of the Month this December, to commend her admirable dedication to CrossFit.

Photo by: WOD Chaser

Photo by: WOD Chaser

'Looking back to how I started CrossFit two years ago, I was then looking for a new fitness discipline to complement my corporate life.' Mae had always believed that she is in great shape - not until her first CrossFit workout, she learned that she still had a lot to do on her fitness.

Five months in before her first strict pull up. Nine months to achieve 100 unbroken single unders. And burpees are still her enemies up to this day.

'The sport is an opportunity for me to constantly improve and grow.' True to her words, her dedication, hardwork and attitude paid off to become what she's able to achieve right now. She's one of the top athletes of Primal Ape, and was able to qualify to compete on the nation's biggest CrossFit arena.

Her daily feats in CrossFit, and the ability to overcome it still surprises her. 'The will to become better than myself yesterday, coupled with a little hardwork and determination, it made me achieve things I never thought I can.'

This attitude towards fitness, unwavering dedication, humility and her love for the CrossFit community made her an easy pick to be Primal Ape's Athlete of the Year this 2016 - awarded to her on Primal Ape's Ape Awards 2016 during the year end Christmas party Celebration.

Looking back to the two years she had been doing CrossFit, if asked on what she can advice to people who wants to do CrossFit ' I started by deciding on what I really want. And how bad I wanted to succeed.'