There’s something about Crossfit that fosters camaraderie among peers. Despite its competitive nature, Crossfit has brought together highly dedicated athletes and urged them to push each other to do better. Just like these three athletes, Jay, Ken, and Badit.

As early as May, Jay, Ken and Badit have made up their mind to team up for the biggest CrossFit event of the Affiliate Alliance - the FitTest: Team Edition. They are confident that their rigorous training at Primal Ape could help them land a slot in the competition. And sure enough, their sacrifices and hard work paid off as they qualified for this competition to be held on November 5.

Individually, they have always enjoyed joining intra-box events such as Ape Games, Benchmark Battle Series and among other throwdowns hosted by the box. Just recently, Badit participated in X45 Challenge, the biggest CrossFit competition in Malaysia. 

There’s no question that these three are ready for a team competition.

Preparing for qualifiers

“As much as we could we tried to train together, but due to our conflicting schedules and nagging injuries, we were only able to do this a few times,” said Jay.

“But we talked to each other every day, discussing how to attack the WODs, strategizing each WOD based on the abilities of one another. We took to heart the advice and suggestions of our coaches who helped us plan everything down to the last second/rep.” he continued.

Team over ego

“We work well as a team. This Team Primal Unicorns puts aside his ego for the good of the team. We are honest and we accept each other's strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, we give each other feedback on how we think we can improve on various areas.” said Ken.

Team Unicorn’s Message

“We would like to thank our coaches, who selflessly gave their time and effort to ensure we performed at our very best. To our box mates who always stay behind us to cheer and inspire fellow athletes, despite our petty fights for class slots (*wink), you guys are always there as a community to celebrate in victory, or in defeat."

The FitTest Team Edition is hosted by the Affiliate Alliance - the biggest community of CrossFit affiliates in the Philippines.

Words by: Cj Lampad, Photo by: Badit Cuason

Ken, Badit and Jay are home grown athletes of the King kong of CrossFit boxes. Be a CrossFit athlete of the biggest CrossFit box in the Philippines.