Fresh from X45 Challenge Malaysia, Andre Ramirez & Eds Baltazar could not resist their competitive nature and decided to sign up for not just one, but two CrossFit events: The Manila Throwdown & The FitTest by Affiliate Alliance. Together with Genesis Irao, they formed the group: #Teamjured and guess what, they qualified in both competitions!

“I was so hooked on the competitive feeling! Eds and I missed out on the team competitions last year and we really wanted to make it this time.” said Andre.

“Third time’s the charm!” said Eds. She’s been joining Manila Throwdown since 2014 but made it short in the finals twice. “I can't put in to words how challenging and draining it was to qualify for the  team throwdown! The CrossFit community gets stronger every year, which means it's also harder to keep up!” Eds continued.


So how is #TeamJured prepping for the competition? Andre said that they are working on their individual weaknesses, and improving their coordination and synergy as a team. Eds on the other hand watches out their health and nutrition by cutting down on sugar and alcohol.

Here’s what to expect from #TeamJured on both competitions:

“We will be crazy and competitive - To compete and push ourselves in winning a podium finish, and above all to be out there, enjoying our moments in the competition. We are already happy to be there on the competition floor, with our fellow athletes in the CrossFit community." 

Eds is ready to go all out and have fun on the finals and here’s her message to her fellow Primal Ape athletes:

“Let's show them what Primal Ape athletes are made of! To our boxmates, we could have not pushed as hard as we did without your constant love and support! All the cheers and hugs made all the difference in the world. I love this box and we're ready to make you proud!”

Words: Cj Lampad, Photo: Andre Ramirez

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