It's our instinct to be anxious on something that causes us pain, fear or disturbance. But it's also just our will and determination, that can overcome them.

As for Eman Caparoso, an unusual chest pain is a pivotal moment for him to do something about his health and fitness. His fears of having a heart condition are only resolved upon seeking medical help, that it turns out the chest pain was just a heart burn due to stomach reflux.

It is this fear for his well being that motivated him to  be serious about his health. 

Eman, being a programmer, embeds him to his office chair all day, since most of his workloads are done in his desk. This gives him little room to be active in his workplace. 

'I think this sedentary lifestyle contributes to my risk to having a heart condition. And I am scared that the heart burn could be a tell-tale sign.' Eman, though fearful of this risk finds a way to breakway from this lifestyle.

The first classes and commitments to fitness were a struggle, but he went through it and became a full time member then at April 2016.

'I remember being sore for an entire week after just the first day of working out. Now, I'm glad that I rarely feel sore after the workout. My body seemed to have accommodated to the soreness.' 

Eman is working out almost on a daily basis. With these, Coach Trever have taken notice of him - his earnest dedication, humility and being the quite guy who is so focused on his personal goals.

'In our community, we always look up into members who successfully overcame their personal goals. Like Eman, we recognize his efforts and his admirable humility, that everyone of us can get inspiration with.' Coach Trever notes as he personally picked Eman to be the Athlete of the month this November.

When asked on what pushes him on his everyday grind at Primal Ape. 'Even if we start small, as long as we continue to put in effort, it will eventually pile up to produce results.'

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