'The more you hate the WOD, the more you have to do it. It's the only way you will improve.' Tiana's CrossFit godfather was never wrong for pushing her to crush the WODs daily. And now with her box-made passion for fitness and perseverance for self improvement, she's now Primal Ape's Athlete of the Month this October.

Tiana Yu, a box member of Primal Ape since November 2015, is a fixture in almost every weekday's PM classes. 'My day doesn't seem complete without doing a WOD.' Tiana shared that she tries to be consistent with a four-times a week workout, capped with a Yoga class during Fridays. 'It's my reflection time.' she added.

She is a well loved member of the box community. And if the community were to be asked on how they can define Tiana, it's a resounding 'Passion and Zen' on each WOD. Her passionate spirit and consistency is contagious and even inspiring.

Asked on what kept her being so passionate about CrossFit - 'My life used to be consisted of work and home life only. CrossFit opened a whole lot of world for me.' Tiana's CrossFit journey became another channel for her to become her best self. She shared a few of her greatest achievement with CrossFit: being able to lift weights heavier than a half a sack of rice, and being consistent to a 120 lb body weight. This excitement in small things, and a humble demeanor is awe inspiring to the coaches and to the community.

'Every small step of success is a leap for us, knowing that we became her partner in achieving her goals in life. With this, we know she becomes a better person, and we're happy about it.' Coach Trever shared as he had been a witness to Tiana's fitness journey.

With her achievements on her daily feats in CrossFit, she wants to share this: ' After every workout, you will feel like you achieved something great. It is a great feeling. To have passion in small things, only then we can achieve something big.'

Words: Jek Llanos

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