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“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” - Cj’s mantra whenever he’s on a race and also when dealing with life’s challenges.

After his first marathon in 2012, Cj felt that he could do everything that life will throw at him. “A marathon will make you a new person, you’ll be humbled by it but at the same time found a new meaning for self-respect. “ he puts in.

Running for almost 5 years now, he has become one of the familiar faces in the running community, actively participating in different fun runs. Just recently, he was one of the ‘pacers’ for Run United 1 and Run United 2 2015. “It was a great opportunity to help other runners by doing what I love”, said Cj as he recalls his experience.

But just like any other relationship, Cj & running shared the highs and lows.  During his second marathon, he almost quit running. He finished the distance by walking the last 5 kilometers due to lack of training. Because of that, he took a break from running and promised to prepare his body first before going back into marathons. 

He tried different workouts and diets in his desire to lose weight and to become faster. But just last year, he discovered crossfit and got a new outlook on fitness: that it is not all about losing weight and being fast but should be about holistic body development.

He did a trial work out at Primal Ape Crossfit and  joined the morning “Bootcamp” classes and got the “fix” that he needed. 

“If you train properly, you will become stronger, leaner and faster all in the same time. After my bootcamp classes with Coach Sean & Coach Cris, I just knew that I would become a better version of myself”, he said. 

Cj plans to go back to running a marathon later this year. Backed with his crossfit endurance training, he is pretty sure he will do better this time.

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