6) Record your accomplishments.

Always keep track of your personal bests. Not only does this serve as a gauge of your progress but it’s also a great motivator to keep pushing your limits.

It has several practical reasons as well like helping you plan your workout by working around your max lifts. For example, if your max 1 rep squat is 100kg and you plan to lift 5 sets of 3 reps, you can start at 70% of your max which would be 70kg and work your way up.

Having a plan before working out makes you spend less time at the gym and more time on more important things like your family, work or leisure.

7) Commit.

To be healthy and fit is not something that you conquer. It’s not a mountain to climb. It’s a lifetime journey. It doesn’t happen overnight, and when you finally have the body you’ve always wanted, it’s effortful to maintain it.

Realize that living a healthy and fit lifestyle is a commitment. People who’ve been fit but have gained a lot of weight throughout the years have missed this. However, also realize that this is not the only thing that defines you. There is more to life than just being fit.
The easiest way to do this is by making it a habit. I follow the 80:20 rule whereby I stick to the rules I’ve laid out above only 80% of the time. Here and now, I’d eat cake or chocolate and have a “cheat” meal.

Sometimes, I’d take a vacation and not workout for a week. But I always go back to living this lifestyle most days and it comes easy because it’s already ingrained in me.

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