…is you do not join Iron Mike’s Barbell Club…for a quick-and-easy solution, that is.

Led by 4-time CrossFit regional qualifier and 2013 CrossFit Games athlete Michael Mogard, the class is designed for the competitive CrossFit athlete. Customized programs combine various disciplines to increase strength and lower recovery times. Powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting movements join CrossFit WODs - with the focus on the quality of lifts, not quantity of weight. Tracked workouts with weekly instruction and/or video analysis reach program director Mogard, which, when pursued with patience and discipline, result in consistent yearly gains.

Iron Mike’s Barbell Club - FAQ

1. What is Iron Mike’s Barbell Club? 

Iron Mike's Barbell Club is a community of people who follow daily programming and instruction, track their results through ironmikesbarbell.com, and receive weekly instruction and/or video analysis at their local box.  Your coach will be corresponding with Michael Mogard personally, therefore your feedback will be a result of their collaboration.  


2. Who is “Iron Mike?”

Iron Mike is Michael Mogard, a 4 time CrossFit Regional Qualifier and 2013 CrossFit Games athlete. 


3. How is programming similar from CrossFit? How is it different?

The programming is a very unique template that utilizes strategies from weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders and CrossFitters alike. This includes movements from different disciplines:

  • Weightlifting - Front Squat, Clean and Jerk, Snatch with all sorts of variations
  • Powerlifting- Incline Bench Press, Box Squats, Sumo Deadlift
  • Body Building - Strict Pull Ups, Strict Dumbell Presses, Tricep Extensions, Back Extensions, 
  • Competitive Fitness - Abridged versions of Grace, Isabel, Karen, etc.


4. What’s a newbie's first class like?

Programming is customized. Example program design is:

  • Weightlifting - Mon-Thurs, Fri Off, Saturday Max Out, Sun Off. 
  • Powerlifting - Alternate Max Effort and Dynamic Effort days.
  • Body Building -  Push/Pull Combos, periodic isolation, 
  • Competitive Fitness - Short met cons and conditioning pieces with integrated higher rep weightlifting.


5. What results can one expect? Weightloss? Performance gains? Aesthetic definition? 

The results will be that all your strength numbers will go up and your conditioning times will go down.  We anticipate that your 1 RM Clean and Jerk will improve side by side with your Grace time.  If you only care about your one rep max clean and jerk, thats fine, but your Grace will improve whether you want it to or not.  


6. Is it difficult? 

There is definitely a learning curve.  Many of the exercises and techniques you may not be familiar with.  As with anyone engaging in a new program, its important to start slow.  Focus on quality of movement, not on quantity of weight. There is incredible depth to this program and it absolutely works, but you have to take your time and be patient.  If you are looking for a quick solution, this is not it.  If you are looking for a foundational program that will help you make steady and consistent gains year after year, this is your program.   


7. Who should take this class?

This program can be used by anyone, but it is specifically designed for the competitive CrossFit athlete.  The volume, movements, template set up, cycles, complexes, and testing sections are all designed to maximize your potential to be successful in competitive fitness.  With that said, if a weightlifter exclusively wants to get better at weightlifting, I would only change the testing done on Tues and Thursday.  


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