“The cost of getting what you want, is getting what you once wanted.” Or so says a certain dream lord. After a month of attending Bootcamp and the occasional CrossFit class, I have to say I still like what I got.

Selfie-improvements aside, I’ve gained three big things from a few consistent, I’ll-give-it-my-all-and-see workouts/week. They are:

Higher stress tolerance - I am happier. My family says so. My friends mention it. My ultimate teammates ask if I’m in love (yes, with the game). I also turn down a sixth cup of coffee far easier, and the little niggling things - inept drivers, unwashed pantry dishes, broken pencils - they roll off like rain on glass. Working out releases endorphins, proportional to the work involved and thankfully, CrossFit/Bootcamp is pretty intense.

Next, sport and everyday-life performance is boosted. Ultimate Disc-wise I jump higher, accelerate faster (thank you Coach Jude), and run for longer. I’m also more nimble. Soreness from mountain climbers, medicine ball sit-ups and V-ups are worth the agility I’m just now enjoying. It’s more subtle in everyday life. The best way to describe it is, you’re just less tired. Ironic, but I think getting used to training makes daily chores like walking, lugging groceries, or going up stairs - become mundane. Other, non-work-related physical activities have also uhm…improved.

But perhaps one of the biggest benefits of my Primal Ape experience is weightloss. And one of the biggest benefits of weightloss…is not worrying about weightless. Hotter, post-workout metabolism burns more calories, or shunts them towards muscle repair. I can “cheat” more often at meals (I’ve tried), but somehow, all that sweaty hard work makes junk food unappetizing. (Unless it’s kakanin/rice cakes - can’t turn down quality biko…that’s when the #workoutpamore hashtags come out). 

With the benefits, also come lessons. You learn more than just how to do an air squat, or rack a barbell, or proper running form. You also learn that:

Nothing beats hard work, but diet and rest are just as important. The faster and better you recover, the more time you can get back in the box and push yourself. Overtraining, eating crappy or sacrificing sleep - is like driving with a flat tire - unless you switch that bad habit out, you ain’t going nowhere (I read that somewhere).  

You also learn that all kinds of people CrossFit. There is no favoured “body type” - though after a month, everyone seems to get a more chiselled and defined. Also, going through an activity which makes people happier (remember endorphins?), makes them more friendly. Meeting people in a setting where your goals (fitness/health) are aligned seems a surefire way to meet someone special. 

Lastly, CrossFit, like any sport, is mental. It wasn’t easy, dragging yourself out of bed at 6am, or coming to class at the end of a long workday. But once that habit set in - it was all worth it. 

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