A Dancer Rediscovers Her Stage

Ballet. Jazz. Ballroom. Dancing. Kyna de Mesa is used to hard work. Five-hour evening rehearsals were the norm in High School. “Those days were tough,” she recalls, “tiring, but fun - the memory elicits a fond smile. Her dedication to her art took her places, and she found herself performing for troops in Manila, Philippines and Italy. Everything was going smoothly, step by step, till the music changed. 

Her father died, and losing someone she loved, also meant giving up something she loved. The family business demanded she trade-in her ballerina’s costume for more corporate attire. The shock caused he to lose so much weight that her friends became concerned. A few worried she might’ve been abusing substances. So, she ate. And calories that would’ve so easily been flicked off by dancing, clung on as tightly as spandex. Kyna needed to move, fast - and a friend introduced her to CrossFit. 

“At first I was struggling!” she said of her first half-hour session. But tenacity led her to attend classes 6 days straight. Kyna discovered a pleasant surprise. “I was concerned that I’d be drained at work for the next week, but incredibly, I had more energy!” In rekindling her dancer’s stamina with “Energy-in-Motion,” she also rediscovered lost “E-Motion.”

The ballerina/COO/CrossFitter compares CrossFit to dancing. Both activities require rigorous focus on form. Precision is paramount, not only to avoid injury, but to improve performance. Discipline is developed - through hours and hours of “practice, practice, practice.” And lastly, Kyna observes that both dancing and CrossFit, are beautiful. “In their own way, there is an aspect (to CrossFit) similar to Jazz’ hataw (intensity), and controlled grace similar to Ballet’s choreography. Asked why she choose Primal Ape as her home box, she notes that it is a stage like no other - on a scale that, like all big theaters, demands greatness.

They say “If you stumble, make it part of the dance.” It seems for young Kyna de Mesa, stumbling into the CrossFit stage is the beginning of a grand performance for life. 

Words by Reg Tolentino 

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