Coach Anton Sietereales surveys the Bootcamp class’ cooldown at the box’s far end, before launching into the interview. A former real estate manager, his definition of “gaining ground,” has shifted in past years. “I used to run full marathons,” he shares, still studying the ending class’ stretching progression, “but an injury barred that activity from me.” His body took on unwanted tenants, with fat ballooning his frame to 245lbs. In a bid to regain a leaner profile, he engaged in his first CrossFit class 4 years ago. It worked. Primal Ape’s head coach is now 80 lbs lighter, with a good deal more muscle in residence. 

“It unleashed my competitive side,” he says, “but (CrossFit) is really about cooperation.” He recalls the 2015 Manila Throwdown, where he found himself in the finals against a good friend. Coach Anton was shocked when during his turn, his “opponent” actively cheered him on to win. He did.

Then the burly head coach and Primal Ape founding partner shares a philosophy borne of his experience in real estate - “We build community.” Condominiums, office towers, any organisation, will have different people - with different needs, different goals, and different desires. The key to making everything work out, is addressing each individual’s dream in the best way possible. 

Beyond consistent, effective, structured workouts - what Coach Anton engineers now is a stable, supportive community. His considerable investment in Primal Ape’s vast space and top-of-the-line equipment reflects his confidence in the box’s ability, to make everyone feel at home. 

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By Reg Tolentino