By Reg Tolentino

Then 18-year-old, 5'6 Jude Eslera was your typical 135 lb skinny kid. His light frame let him excel at Muay Thai and Karate, but  vices held him back. “I knew my lifestyle couldn’t last,” he shares, “I needed to change.” His life-altering transformation continues 6 years on, via CrossFit programming. This L1-certified trainer now marshals classes thrice a day, his nice-guy-next-door personality contrasting his imposing, 185 lb musculature. “It took a lot of work,” he laughs.

Coach Jude’s training philosophy mirrors his own life path - change. “The values - hard work, patience, persistence - are constant, but change is important.” He believes in periodization. Training should be divided between heavy, light, active rest and full rest days. “The iron never lies, as they say.” He goes on to explain that if one chooses to stay up late, doesn’t eat right, or doesn’t push themselves hard enough - the iron will tell them so. “Becoming who you are is a choice.”

He nods and smiles when asked about why he choose Primal Ape as his home box. “The dreams behind this facility are inspiring. There is great potential in this organisation, its aims, and its members. We are out to improve lives, not just strengthen bodies.”

That perhaps, is Primal Ape CrossFit’s true goal for positive change - that every person who walks out of the box - is better than the one who walked in.

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Full class schedules and other information can be found here, and on our MindBody Connect App, available for iPhones and Android smartphones.

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