Hi, my name is Reg. I am a writer. Having a desk job means I’m sitting down most of the day. I try and make-up for it. I gym 2-3 times a week, take daily walks, and on weekends, play Ultimate Disc. I’ve also been on a paleo-style diet for 6 years. CrossFit though, is something that’s struck me as...cliquish, strange, and overly intense. Besides stories of puking participants, shouts hurled with weights across a room and pictures of uber-ripped, wild-eyed instructors, - the sport's terms shroud it in mystery. “WOD,” “EMOM,” and “AMRAP,” sound more like military super weapons, instead of exercise shorthand (sci-fi enthusiast here). Me writing for Primal Ape though, gives my VERY CONSIDERATE boss the perfect reason to assign me this project - a beginner’s CrossFit Journey . 

Signing-up is incredibly easy. Filling up the trial page form, waiting for the confirmation email and logging-on using the MindBody Connect App to schedule my first class takes all of...15 minutes.

Arriving at the Primal Ape Box for my evening class was an experience in itself. The place is huge! Most CrossFit boxes I’ve been to (ok, walked past), are barely larger than convenience stores. At 1200 sqm, the Chino Roces property certainly inspires with its “room to roam.” 

Coach Jude Eslera calls on the 7:30 pm class, introducing himself and newcomers to each other, and to the Workout Of the Day (what "WOD" means). His Bootcamp class is a beginner’s course. It involves mostly body-weight movements to increase strength, endurance and, as I quickly learned, tolerance to pain (the good kind). We start off with a jog around the indoor track, before going through a set of warmups. Once we’ve worked up a sweat, the “light” phase of the workout, starts. Coach Eslera demonstrates each movement, making sure we follow them to form. We memorize the sequence by heart. “AMRAP” means “As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible,” and on that first day, he gives us a set of push-ups, air squats and medicine ball sit-ups to negotiate in 12 minutes. The red glare of a timer counts down as our heart rates start going up. He cues the music and 15 of us newcomers cross into fitness territory we have never known…