By Reg Tolentino

“The Accountant” feels like Coach Shaun Ochia’s wrestling moniker. In real life though, he truly is a numbers nerd…who can wrestle. The 30-something trainer started weightlifting early, then in 2012 discovered CrossFit. “I was looking for a challenge,” he recalls, “Then I stumbled onto the sport, which is a combination of strength training, metabolic conditioning, and skill work - and never looked back.” Three years on, he’s still at it, imparting his knowledge in person and on his blog - “It’s become an advocacy for me - educating people on exercise, diet and rest.” Indeed, he believes in a numbers game of balance - adjusting sets and reps for the individual’s goals, and giving adequate time for recovery between workouts. But he doesn’t count calories.

This young husband follows a Paleo-style diet, emphasising lean protein and quality fat over carbs (when not working out intensely). “Luan (my wife) is my best student, and though she gets a little conscious when I show up shirtless at the beach with her (she has just a tiny tiny pudge I find adorable), she’s happy I can lift all the groceries in one go.

While Coach Ochia has taught at several other gyms, he lauds Primal Ape’s Box as the best he’s seen for CrossFit. “The space, the equipment, the management - it all just adds up. It’s a brand new box that doesn’t cut corners. I can’t imagine a nicer place to…” he pauses, glancing at the 215lb weight he was lifting earlier, ”I see myself doing CrossFit for life, health is our number one asset after all, and I’m grateful for this chance to practice this sport here.

Primal Ape’s Paleo Diet education seminar happens this May. Stay tuned for details. Members Updated class schedules and other information can be found here, and on our MindBody Connect App, available for iPhones and Android smartphones.