What's the true test of strength? For Primal Ape CrossFit, the Benchmark Battle Series serves as the perfect avenue for CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts to gauge how strong they've become when pitted against their contemporaries and in setting for a new PR in a particular WOD.

The First Primal Ape CrossFit’s Benchmark Battle Series features "Jackie" and "DT" for the best CrossFit athletes in the country. The event aims to keep the Philippine CrossFit community together and give them more reason to train hard and enjoy the growing community.

 The First WOD, “Jackie”, athletes must perform the following:
For time:
1000-meter row
45-pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

The second WOD "DT" is composed of the following:
12 Dead Lifts 155/110
9 Hang Power Cleans 155/110
6 Push Jerks 155/110

“Benchmark WODs are the best way to track your progress. And it is fun to do it in a competition set up. The energy and pressure fighting against top/veteran CrossFitters around the nation what makes it so unique and fun at the same time” said Coach Anton Sietereales, Benchmark Series organizer and Head Coach of Primal Ape CrossFit

Almost 50 athletes participated in the competition and here is the official list of winners:

JP Caliao, 6:41 (Men’s Division)
Pat Garcia, 9:45 (Women’s Division)

Jaric Chua, 10:58 (Men’s Division)
Joyce Gail Reboton, 7:31 (Women’s Division)

CrossFit Infinitas took the prize for the Top Team Affiliate, having the highest total score of all their athletes.

“I would like to thank all the participant who joined the event. It was nice to see everyone hit the goal and have great new PRs! Keep getting after it!” said Coach Anton.

Primal Ape CrossFit is planning to organize more Benechmark events next year. CrossFit Open is around the corner and Asia Championship will also happen right after the Open. It will be an exciting 2016 for the whole CrossFit community. 

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Words by CJ Lampad