Ever wanted to try CrossFit but never had the chance? Classes start too early? Don’t want to stay up late?


Primal Ape now has bootcamp classes to accommodate you! In addition to the usual 06:00 to 08:00 classes and 18:00 to 20:00 classes, The Box will now also be open at 10:00, perfect for those soldier moms and night shift warriors!


Bootcamp is effective for fat loss, muscle toning, and full-body conditioning. Bodyweight exercises are customized to your fitness level - from first-time enthusiasts to advanced athletes.


You will be under the supervision of Captain Joanne Samson, a former high school cheerleader and dancer for the UP Filipiniana Dance Troupe. Her CrossFit training began late 2013 where she has quickly risen the ranks above the 80th percentile among female athletes in Asia. She will be in charge of your 10:00 bootcamp classes.


Your campaign to fitness starts today! Sign up for a free trial here.