New Coach In Town: Coach Kit - Tackling Challenges

Kit Guerra is used to pushing heavy weights - except usually the weights push back. 

An ad-man by day and Dj by night, he plays for national teams in both Rugby and American Football, has his own line of sports apparel, and serves as a brand ambassador for GNC, in addition to coaching for Primal Ape. 


On how he tackles so many challenges, Coach Guerra, true to his name, cites his competitive mindset. 

“The mental determination to achieve, the physical willingness to accomplish, and the pursuance of efficiency.”

He believes that if he isn’t training - someone else is, and eventually, that someone will catch up. 

Coach Kit’s training focuses on bang-for-the-buck functional movements which include bear crawls, spidermans, and crab walks. 

-CrossFit Level 1 Certification

-CrossFit Scaling Certification

-Certified I.S.S.A. Trainer and Nutritionist

-World Rugby Strength and Conditiong (Level 2)

-World Rugby Coach (Level 2)

-Holds national record for deadlifting, 580 lbs - 83kgs division

-Team Member, Philippine Volcanoes

-Team Member, Philippine Aguilas

-Owner, BroFit Apparel

-Brand Ambassador, GNC

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Working on the Back-End

Squats - people either love them or hate them. But since they build muscle all over, help the body burn more fat, and prevent injuries by developing core strength - it’s an exercise worth working on, even for those who hesitate lowering their posteriors. And whether you’re a squat veteran or simply exploring this as a leg workout option, there are several variations that help ease you into this high-ROI movement. 

1. Body weight squats. 

Also known as air squats, this movement is easy, can be done anywhere, and requires nothing more than a willingness to start…and perhaps a bit of private space. Start by placing your feet at roughly shoulder width, with toes pointing slightly outwards. Lower your butt til your knees form a right angle (making sure they don’t go past your toes), while concentrating your weight on your heels. Maintain a flat back. Stand, and repeat as necessary. 

Goblet squat option: Hold a dumbell to your chest, as if it were a cup, while maintaining the same basic mechanics. 

2. Single leg squats

This variation addresses muscular imbalances, and hones one’s balance and coordination. Start by adopting the basic squat position, but lift one leg behind you as you lower yourself onto the ground. Watch those knees. Use your arms to balance. 

Pistol squat option: Hold your leg straight out in front of you. Adds to the difficulty, but damn more impressive, visually. 

3. Front squat with barbell

After perfecting the basic forms, the only way to move forward is by pushing up the weight. One of the most popular variations is the front squat with barbell. 

Assume the basic squat position, with the barbell positioned in front of you. Hoist it (gently) towards your chest, to a level just above your shoulders. Be careful, and keep the barbell above your palms, with your fingers pointing backwards. Remember that you don’t have to grip the bar, it just has to me cradled. Keep your head up and your back straight as you lower yourself to the ground. Focus. Repeat and add weight as required. 

Overhead squat option: For advanced upper body strength and coordination, try holding the bar straight up over your head. Arms, core, back and…pretty much everywhere engagement - guaranteed. 

Words by: Reg Tolentino

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New Coach In Town: Coach DJ

Soft spoken Demosthenes Juanatas, Jr., we frequently call DJ, just recently took the baton of coaching, joining the roster of qualified trainers here at Primal Ape CrossFit. Several of us at the box for sure had brushed elbows with DJ - probably got handed out with some tidbits of advices, or a motivating push during the WOD. Let's get to know more about our Coach DJ as he starts his mentoring in our classes.

Can you give us a brief story how you started doing Football and eventually doing CrossFit also?

[I've] been playing competitive sports my whole life as my siblings are well involved in sports also. Played American Football since I was 8 years old, tried wrestling when I was about that age but I didn't stick with it (wish I did!) and eventually got into Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

I heard about CrossFit in 2007 from my BJJ instructor Daniel Camarillo, but haven't actually tried it until I got to the Philippines. In 2012 I attended my first CrossFit class and immediately fell in love with it! It was the most intense feeling I've ever felt. The feeling of almost dying (during the wod) and coming back to life right after finishing a WOD got me hooked in to CrossFit.

I was amazed at how these CrossFitters can keep going to this kind of training every day, and this immediately inspired me. I said to myself, If they can do it, so can I. But due to time constraints, I was only able to do Crossfit for a month and I had to stop. Fast forward to August 2015, that's when I took CrossFit training seriously.

Since you've been coaching and organizing a local American Football team, what coaching aspects in American Football that you can carry over in mentoring CrossFit?

I'm very new to most of the coaching disciplines in Crossfit, but I do believe some parts carry over from being an American Football Coach. Leadership is a good example. Leading by example has always been my motto for my American Football League.

What realizations, inspirations or reasons made you decide to coach CrossFit as well?

American Football and Crossfit go well together and I hope to eventually forge a 'Crossfit Football' thing so that all the American Football Players in the Philippines may have a chance to experience Crossfit WODs specialized for American Football Players.

Any message for our community?

Back to the patience thing, I guess I would like to remind everyone reading this that they have to be patient, especially when it comes to Crossfit. Crossfit, just like life itself, is not a sprint, but a marathon. Just take it one day at a time, one lift at a time, one step at a time. Embrace the process and enjoy the journey

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'Wala na ta nagkabatan-on karong panahona ug kita tanan ganahan magpuyo sa kinabuhi nga himsug ug maayong panlawas para sa atong pamily, sakto?'

With the family on top of his mind, Jiggs took an extra mile in his fitness, engaging himself to various sports and eventually CrossFit, knowing it's one way that he's investing in his vitality.

A Lifetime fitness

It's now a commitment not just for myself but for my wife and daughter above all.

Jiggs Monzales, a Cebu-bred research and development supervisor, is not new to fitness. Though being exposed to sports like volleyball and racket sports his entire life, work and family duties are now his priorities. He is no fan of a Dad-bod but as years pile up to his age, aging took its toll to his body and health, and he knows that he must do something.

'Being sick now is not an option. And skipping fitness because of work is no longer an excuse. Weekend warrior fitness is almost of no good.' A family man, a corporate worker, an all around guy - each has its own physical demands, pushing him to the verge to up his game in fitness, with a wife and a daughter he needs to attend to.

This father of one, along with his wife, Chelou, are now staple faces at Primal Ape - a CrossFit facility in Chino Roces, Makati. Tagging along their daughter to the CrossFit box, it's the couple's way of exposing their daughter to fitness at an early age.

'My wife, who was referred by her officemate to try CrossFit, is the first one to catch the CF-fever. Both of us were really looking for a gym where we can take our fitness seriously. And to be honest, this is the only place where we stayed for more than a month.' Jiggs felt that the place was a right fit for them, where they easily gained new friends and workout buddies.

Apart from the community, he is really keen on quality programming and coaching. 'The very best thing [about Primal Ape] is that coaches not only gives instructions, but professionally guides you along the way and makes sure you are doing it right.'

Day in and day out at the box, Jiggs ultimately realizes the goals he set for himself - improved stamina to last a tiring day, less muscle soreness, improved overall posture, and a body ready to bond with his family in the weekends, without feeling too tired or too burnt out from work.

'Growing old is inevitable, and I think CrossFit taught me, and placed me in a situation where I can appreciate my fitness right now, so I'd always be healthy to look over my family.' At 41, Jiggs had promised himself a lifelong fitness from then on. 'It's now a commitment not just for myself but for my wife and daughter above all.'

And as what all Dads do best, he left us with a dad joke: 'Try CrossFit because at Primal, once it CROSSes your path, you will surely get FIT. Dad-bod, OUT.' We get it Jiggs.

Call to action to all Dads like Jiggs. It's your time to start your lifetime fitness with a free session on us here at the biggest CrossFit facility in the Philippines

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