Triple Easter Treats

New class schedules, new programs and new coaches will be your Easter treats from Primal Ape CrossFit.  As we welcome our third year, Primal Ape will continue to bring out the PRIMAL BEAST in you as we take further steps in achieving our fitness goals and our never ending journey to become the best version of ourselves.

New Class Schedules


6am CrossFit classes and 11am Primal Fit classes has been added to accommodate the growing numbers of Primal Ape athletes! Don’t forget to book your classes here in the website or by using the Primal Ape App. If all class schedules still do not fit you, you can now book PERSONAL TRAINING classes!

New Programs

Aside from CrossFit, Primal Fit and Primal Instict, new programs will be added to cater to varying needs of athletes: Primal Edge will be opened to athletes who are prepping up for competitions. Skill Unlock Fridays will focus on movements that we all wish to unlock.




New Coaches

New faces, new friends! A line up of new coaches with extensive fitness background will help you in achieving your short or long term fitness goals.  Let’s welcome Coach Renee Pasco, Coach Paulo Gonzales, Coach Jonathan Badilla and Coach Jansen Banzon. All of them will be handling CrossFit and Primal Fit classes.

Coach Xhi’s Post-Easter Message:

“We feasted on our Open's achievements, our anniversary, our feelings, and during the Holy week. If you got "fat" (harsh word, sorry) over the weeks, then this is your welcome back to reality month. 

CrossFitters - We will be mixing up Oly lifts and benchmark WODs  for your programming. PrimalFitters - We will be working-on your Shoulder-to-overheads, core strengthening, and "fat-burning" WODs to prep us to our upcoming Beach Challenge. And we have skill-focused movement training as well. Consider working with our new coaches closely. Every workout will be a chance of progression, do it right! Assuring a month full of PR's and fun!”

Happy April!!!


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Primal Ape Turns Three

Primal Ape athletes had two reasons to celebrate last weekend: 1. CrossFit Open culminated with the 18.5 being chosen by the community via online votes and 2. It’s Primal Ape’s third year anniversary! So yeah…  Cheers to us!!!

The community had spoken and 18.5 is an AMRAP of thrusters and chest to bar pull ups in increasing reps.  As our coaches always say, the Open is a reminder of two important things: 1) that you just have to face whatever challenge life throws at you, and 2) that if you're not satisfied with how you approached the challenge, there is a possibility of a redo.

Primal Ape athletes gathered to the box for a strong finish of Open Games 2018 together. Coaches and athletes watch and cheer as one community, a timely display of camaraderie as we celebrate our three years of being a strong family.

Here’s what our athletes have to say:


I saw my boxmates power through till the end of the Open. In every heat, especially those in which i had the chance to judge, i looked forward to the last few seconds because in that short span of time you get to witness the resolve of a person to improve on one's self. Everyone gave their 100% and reached new milestones -- all while enjoying the company and support of one another” – Nico Toledo


nico judge.jpg



“My 2 or so years in Primal Ape Crossfit had gone by so fast.  I still feel like a newbie because I am still constantly trying to unlock new PRs, and continuously being challenged to go faster & be stronger.  I am eternally grateful for that constant reminder. I am both happy to see our community grow and also equally sad to see long time Ape friends leave.  I am thankful to Primal Ape for having given me the opportunity to meet new friends.  At my age, I'm lazy to interact/socialize. Primal Ape is still my happy place; where I unwind and decompress.  It has kept me feeling young(er)” – Tiana Yu


Screenshot (18).png


As Primal Ape celebrates its third year, we are also celebrating new leadership at the box. Primal Ape makes history as the first box in the country to have a female head coach.


coach xhi.jpg


Coach Xhi Tabalan will be leading Primal Ape Crossfit and will be the Mama Bear who will teach and guide us in achieving the better version ourselves. Here’s her message:

“Congratulations to all athletes who finished the Open! All of you are strong regardless of your scores. Strong does not always mean individual strength. A strong community is more powerful than a strong athlete or a strong coach. Over the weeks, our box had shown how strong we are as a community. We supported one another, we cheered for each other. And that’s what makes Primal Ape CrossFit stand out, we have a very strong community. I hope we keep it that way. Let’s be there for one another. Congratulations and Happy anniversary Primal Ape CrossFit”



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Strong Is the New Sexy

It’s a fact: strong is in.

A toned, muscular and functional body has become the new sexy for both men and women.The growing acceptance by the media and sportswear companies that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes is a positive step toward encouraging people to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

According to Samantha Clayton, former Olympian and Herbalife Director of Worldwide Fitness Education, “a healthy body may come in different shapes and sizes but will never go out of fashion”.

There is someone who may look thin, but in actuality they have an unhealthy internal body-fat ratio that is detrimental to their health. There are also many people who may look a little larger, but are actually very health internally. With any exercise plan, your main priority should be to benefit the inside of your body. But as a bonus, exercise benefits your external appearance as well. 

The following are important reasons why you should add weight and strength training to your regular fitness routine according to Clayton.

1.       Burn More Calories

By lifting weights and becoming strong, you’ll change every aspect of your body. People with increased musclemass burn more calories at rest than those without. It takes more energy for your body to sustain lean muscle and, therefore, your resting metabolic rate may increase as a result of lifting weights.

2.       Improved Bone Density

Weight-bearing exercise is very beneficial for bone health in people of all ages. The aging process is linked to a decrease in bone density and a greater risk of fractures. So, consider how you can add weights to your workout, because your bones rely on resistance training to stay healthy and strong.

3.       Improved Performance

If your body gets used to lifting weights, imagine how much easier just lifting your own body weight will be.Improved strength means that your daily activities will become easier, and if you’re training for a sport, an increase in muscular strength can significantlyimprove your performance.

Your body will start adapting to weight training right away, so get started today. Sign up for a free trial at Primal Ape CrossFit!

Source: Herbal Life

Words by: CJ Lampad




Athlete of the Month: Jason Duplito


 “There’s no excuse not to exercise. Find a work out and stick to it” says our Athlete of the Month for February, Jason Doplito.




After being diagnosed with hypertension and being judged by a fitness app with “may not live past the age of 75”, Jason was determined to turn things around and start embracing the active lifestyle.

Google search led me to Primal Ape, which had outstanding reviews. The fact that it also has the Primal Fit program made it less intimidating to novices like me” he said.

Jason signed up for the intro class and took the first step of his fitness journey. “During my first WOD, I could barely run two laps around the track without dying. And it was a bunch of sit ups, pushups, and burpees”, he recalled.

First WOD woes did not stop Jason from coming back. Jason was determined to push through and returning to his old lifestyle was never an option. He worked out at least three times a week and sometimes, up to four. He wanted to be consistent and would never want to miss a week of training. Little by little, his dedication and hardwork gave him simple victories which are worthy of celebrations.

“I remember celebrating when I could finally touch my toes again. I also gave myself a pat on the back for my first rope climb. And from “dying” on my 200m run during intro class, I’ve been able run 6km without stopping or walking. This week, I was able to do a few double-unders. Plus, there have been personal achievements in the number of reps and weights I’ve lifted”, shared Jason.

This year, he also joined Ape Games and the Crossfit Open, both for the first time. “Two years ago, never in my life would I have imagined being part of an athletic competition, especially one where I get to compete with the best in the world, but now here I am in the ring”, he said.

Above these achievements, the most important lesson he learned is being honest to himself:

“I owe it to myself to be honest at all times. Am I being honest about the food I eat? Am I being honest in my form and not simply doing a rep to get it over and done with? Am I honestly thrusting these dumbbells with all my might? Am I honestly doing my best? All these matter, because ultimately, if I’m cheating, then I’m cheating no one but myself”

There’s still a long way ahead of Jason’s fitness journey. But Jason is determined more than ever and ready to prove his cardiologist’s app wrong.

 “There are still WODs that make you question whether you really were the fastest sperm and didn’t land first place by accident. So every time I feel like collapsing, I make sure to pick up those dumbbells and make my dad proud. My long-term goal is to be the kind of 70-year-old guy who still runs and lifts weights, then live at least five more years to prove my cardiologist’s app wrong”

Congratulations Jason!