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Ape Games 2018: No One Left Behind

It was an exhilarating and adrenaline-charged Saturday at Primal Ape Crossfit last January 13. Athletes gathered together for the Ape Games 2018, to celebrate athleticism, camaraderie and teamwork. “Ape Games brings the community together, whether you’re morning, noon or evening crew, young or old, newbie or veteran, it does not matter. We are one box. One family”, said Coach Trever Love. 




Ape Games is the annual intra box throwdown of Primal Ape CrossFit, where member-athletes compete in team events.  “I joined Ape Games because I wanted to start my year by challenging myself, hopefully achieving a few PRs, and having fun while suffering with the Primal Ape community”, shared Ina Capulong of Team Thrust Issues.

This year, 84 athletes comprised 28 teams, joined the game. They competed in 7 events which featured basic CrossFit wods such as tire flipping, rope climbing, wall balls, running, rowing and of course, weightlifting.

“Triple 3 is my favorite because my teammates never gave up on me and friends were cheering me on to complete the 300 single unders” said Janice Pajutrao of Team WODzilla

“My favorite WOD is the 1RM clean and jerk! I got to test my 1 RM again after a long time of no workout. It didn’t disappoint coz I hit a good number. Plus my teammate Gelo, a first timer of the movement hit his first PR of 135#. Proud and happy for him at the same time!” shared Sarah Yu of TeamPura.


It was all sweat and cheers the whole day. Everyone was there for one another. Everyone poured their heart and soul and no one was left behind.  “Everyone had the opportunity to shine and lead, to have to be carried and helped. That’s the beauty of it all, we all have strengths and weaknesses but it’s the people we surround ourselves with that carry us through” said Coach Trever.




The event was capped off by awarding the top finishers of the Ape Games. Wena Tabo, Mikey Best and Roy Vergara of Team WeRBest, was announced as the 2018 Champions. “The best part of the games is not winning but seeing everyone support each other despite it being a competition. It really helped in building a stronger community” said Wena.

Here are the complete list of winners:

1. Team WeRBest – Wena Tabo, Mikey Best, Roy Vergara

2. Team Cepmalu – Tiana Yu, Chris Bello, Eman Caproso

3. Boobies and the beasts – JM Broncate, Bella Ang, Jason ?

Spirit of the Games – Joyce & Alfy

(c) wenakin

(c) wenakin

Ape Games Briefing Photo.jpg


“I am beyond proud of everyone. From last to first it doesn't matter. The future of this community is bright. My goal is to continue to grow it so we can share its light with as many people as we can. The sky is the limit they say. Let's shoot for the stars then!” said Coach Trever.

Congrats to all the teams and see you on Ape Games 2019!!!


Words by CJ Lampad

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"Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do,not a punishment of what you ate"


Back from the holiday season, everyone's pumped up to burn all those holiday hams, and sweet delicacies.  While this is a good motivation to push ourselves,  we often forget the bigger picture of the experience that our workouts brings us.

So how do we reboot our fitness game this 2018?

Through exercise mindfulness.

Instead of pouring on your head with "I'm too lazy to attend classes today" or "I can't do the workout", try to question these statements. Don't act as if they are what is.  Instead put your attention on the actual experience and the effects of exercise on you.

While distraction seems ideal, noticing how our body works throughout the process is empowering, seeing that it makes us feel we are in control of our body.

Now it's a fresh start this 2018. Here are things that can  help you reboot your attitude towards fitness:

1. Focus on breathing during aerobic intensity

We all admit that one tactic to survive those 10 burpees,  1000m run or 1000m row is to sing along with the tunes. However, paying attention to our breath can regulate it to a healthier flow. This can bring you to a more consistent flow of breathing with balance and tranquility.

2.  Be "with" the sensory experience of that hang power clean.

Move over, the difficulty of the movement, notice the grip of your hands around the barbell, your pull as it slides through your body. Your consciousness through the workout may actually be beneficial for you to get that right form, and further boost its benefits.

Now this 2018, approach workouts with openness, reboot your attitude and re-boot you!

Words by: Jodel Velarde

Source: Chertok, G. (2017, December 5). Mindful Exercise: How to Reboot Your Attitude Toward Fitness Retrieved December 20, 2017, from https://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/articles/2017-12-05/mindful-exercise-how-to-reboot-your-attitude-toward-fitness



Jingle and Mingle: Primal Ape Christmas Party

"This place probably haven't had this much people on their function room, like what we did today." Everybody was in their festive and high spirits as Primal Ape celebrates its Jingle and Mingle - Christmas Party Celebration at Alba Restaurante Espanol, December 8.

Photo: Faith Paguirigan

Photo: Faith Paguirigan

An overwhelming response from the community made the night extra special as the box family celebrate everyone's hard work in their fitness journey this 2017. Over sumptuous Spanish buffet, it was when the morning to evening crew jingled and mingled, and went to know each other. "Everyone was so excited and so looking forward to this night where we can meet our fellow box mates not in their dri fits and trainers." one member noted.

Photo: Faith Paguirigan

Photo: Faith Paguirigan


The highlight of the night was the most awaited awards where exemplary and comical attributes of members are recognized. Ape Awards 2017 rolled on with the following awardees in the list:

Jared Briones and Tiana Yu is Primal Ape's Mr and Ms Congeniality this 2017. Photo: Faith Paguirigan

Jared Briones and Tiana Yu is Primal Ape's Mr and Ms Congeniality this 2017. Photo: Faith Paguirigan

Couple of the Year: Silvia and Erik Pineda

Best Attitude Male: Leonard Banaag

Best Attitude Female: Honey Villaroman

Rising Star: (the CrossFit Games potential)  Chris Bello

Most Improved Male : Jet Montano

Most Improved Female : Gee Dela Cerna

Rookie of the Year: Sam Honrado

 G na G Award: (most active in all Box activities) Bella Ang

 Mr. Congeniality: Jared Briones

Ms. Congeniality: Tiana Yu

Sandbag Award: Wena Tabo

Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Award: (the late) Sarah Mae Yu

Tito Abs Award: (the nemesis of the Dad bod) Raymund Navarro

Electric x Primal Strong Award: JM Broncate  & Chesca Lugtu


Team Series partners Bella Ang and Chris Bello were recognized at at he Ape Awards 2017

Team Series partners Bella Ang and Chris Bello were recognized at at he Ape Awards 2017

Athlete of the Year: Chunchi Soler and Carlo Tanseco

Carlo and Chunchi receives the Certificate of Recognition as Primal Ape's Athlete of the Year

Carlo and Chunchi receives the Certificate of Recognition as Primal Ape's Athlete of the Year

To introduce the last recognition for the night , Coach Trever expressed how valuable this award is. "For me, this is the most important award. The awardee is the embodiment of what Primal Ape is about - about changing for the better, having an admirable attitude towards fitness; doing an act of preparation, and putting an extra work and effort in and out of the box." And he went on to announce the awardee of the A.P.E. Award of 2017, first given this year on its third iteration.

A.P.E. (Attitude, Preparation, Effort) Award: Ina Capulong 

Ina Capulong is A.P.E. Awardee this 2017

Ina Capulong is A.P.E. Awardee this 2017

"Primal Ape has been my greatest discovery this year. It is the reason why I recovered fast from a traumatic accident. It's what I looked forward each and everyday. CrossFit changed a big part of me." Ina, as she received the award.

Pull Up Challenge winners were also recognized in this same night alongside with the top scorers in the recently concluded Primal Ape Team Series 2017.

Videoke galore, chit chats over wine, good times and good food - definitely a night that was one for the books. It was a culmination of 2017's finest moments and a promise of greater things to come on 2018.

From your Primal Ape CrossFit Community, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Primal Ape CrossFit community at Alba Restaurante Espanol

Primal Ape CrossFit community at Alba Restaurante Espanol

Coaches of Primal Ape CrossFit

Coaches of Primal Ape CrossFit

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